How much time do we lose in traffic jams?

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Where and how do we spend our lives? Are we living full or scattering in moving from here – up there? Observe how our lives and that of our loved ones have changed – too. We are increasingly traveling to work and it takes away from our free time for rest, family and friendship, do not you think?

Trafficking in larger cities is more than desperate – it is a fact, but what is the solution?

How can city rulers make people get out of cars that often only run one person and use public transport? In Bulgaria, they do so with a criminal slap, called a blue zone, elsewhere the decisions are more humane. Luxembourg, e.g. offers a tempting offer – completely free public transport (as it was written in the Sega yesterday, citing the Guardian), and this is likely to be the worse solution to the problem. And with this news, Luxembourg enters the news as “the first country in the world with completely free public transport”! One of the smallest European countries also suffers from overloaded traffic, and their new prime minister has the ambition to solve the pressing issues with nature-friendly options. It’s no secret that drivers driving to and from work spend many hours of their lives in the cars, and the problem is getting worse. Although the population of the country does not exceed 600,000 people, statistics show that one-third of them daily cross the borders of France, Belgium and Germany to live in Luxembourg!

The government has long been considering what options to offer to its citizens, and the first steps in this direction were the introduction of gratis tickets for children and adolescents up to 20 years of age this summer, and free tolling between the home and school for students. The other adults who travel somewhere pay 2 euros to travel two hours in public transport.

This is for Luxembourg. And have we grown to learn from their example and to spare nature (in eco-plan) and people (in financial terms)? For now, my question is rhetorical …

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