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Last night Ara Malikiyan blew Congress Hall at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna with his “Unbelievable story about a violin”. The crowded hall stood up and applauded the rebel musician for the three-hour gala concert.

The controversial perceived violinist warmed the hearts of those present with their virtuoso performances – as a technique and way of interpretation. His “reading” on classical music is memorable, bright and touching the finest strings in the soul. Phenomenal, I would say in a word, because it is difficult to define anything related to Ara Malikiyan. Looking at it and listening to it is like two different files that can hardly be stacked on top of each other. Such is at least my impression / the person who listens to it for the first time. It was one of his performances, and he stepped off the stage and walked between the rows.

Even when he overtakes the art of acting on the stage or mixing the styles, he is himself – a complex person with the many intertwined genes and cultures he represents. Hurray, who perfectly masters the technique of the fine string instrument and obviously respects. Last night, we heard so many details of his personal story – his grandfather, his father and his sister. Situations that have shaped him to be just that person today – do it between the musical works that filled with the spirit and the energy of youth. The Bad Boy of Classical Music Demonstrates Amazing Mobility and Enviable Bone Density for Its 50 Years! And the most wonderful thing was that all this came from his heart and the audience felt it – not just incredible, but just Ara!

Photos: Rosen Donev

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