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To buy a book for BGN 1 and make a contribution to nature conservation – this is the proposal of the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (OCOSUR) in Varna with their new action: “Return the bottle – get your book!”

increases as our consumption increases, and the points of purchase of raw materials have disappeared. Maybe it’s time to bring them back? What do you think?! A week ago, students from Varna organized a large-scale paper-gathering action and are proud of their achievement in making people think and save a lot – from saving 85 trees from being cut down to human resources to collecting scattered garbage and processing it . The motivation for the participants was a voucher to buy audiobooks, which are a great option for meaningful sealing of lost hours on the road or for visually impaired people, who thus gain access to the world limited by them. This campaign draws attention to small vials glass of any kind of cosmetics we throw away. The raw material will be processed at the glass factory in Beloslav – free of charge. The idea continues in the next eco version – the collected glass mass will make the same bottles for storing homemade toothpaste and cosmetics. And the books that people will be able to take against the glass vials they donated have been donated by the Varna citizens to previous charter campaigns. According to Ilian Iliev, who is at the heart of the eco-initiative, there are many valuable books among them, so now they too will find their new owners who will be pleased with them.

The address of the OCOSUR is: 14 Sava Radulov Str.

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