Packing a dream

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The festivities have almost caught up with us and now we have only a little time to make a profit for the year, to map out the plan for the next one, and if you are not dealing with any of the two serious activities, I have a third solution: just get away from the problems by bringing more beauty in the weekday. For example: at the moment, IKEA reminds us that whatever we have chosen to our loved ones is very important and what it looks like at first glance. So with their “horn of abundance” in the packs we remind ourselves that the gesture is important first of all, even if we do not have the opportunity to make the big gifts of our loved ones. The options of packing your surprises are more than three and will surely make you feel as if you are in Santa’s workshop. The different color solutions of the packaging also blend in a variety of forms – from standard gift bags / to traditionalists / to a few others – more unconventional variants such as bottles or small size accessories.


Joy for the eyes are also the “final touches” like ribbons and a self-adhesive tape with which you can unwind your imagination. These small visual details give the holiday that tremendous expectation of the pleasant surprises, which are actually the biggest gift. And create a mood even if you miss it!

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