The Wisdom of a Child

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Lately, some of my most interesting conversations are with Bobby. He soon became 9, but he has the wisdom of 90 years. Child is my close friend. I love them both! So, I had to take it from school today (which happens to me for the first time) at the request of his mother. And shortly after we passed the street and school noise, he asked me a very interesting question: “How far from us is the X century?”

I answer that we are now the 21st, and this time was almost halfway through human history as the chronology of the birth of Christ. I’m not clear … I’m fine. It seems to me that I immediately understood what he was asking, but I wanted to be sure … And then he said it. “Pop Bogomil lived then. I have a card with him / “Guess who I am” / What were they? Are there now Bogomils? He continues to bother me with questions Boyan, and I think and watch him while I answer him – that I think he is, that they were the purest Christians, that their tradition was from the mouth of the ear and that everything recorded for them it is actually from documents of the Inquisition and all the enemies of the doctrine, so it is not known how true it is, actually! That they were persecuted as a heresy in Bulgaria, they were expelled from them, and they continued to Italy and France, where they burned them alive in the 14th century. That is where the Bogomilians were. “He looks at me both earnestly and amazed at the same time, how such a cruelty can be, and we have already drawn the attention of an elderly man at the stop who has definitely listened to our conversation. Bobby interrupts me, because he thinks over my words: “So if he is not a Christian, he can not be a Bogomil! And what do they do today? “I think the same as ever, I say, but they are much more cautious now, because they’ve been patting you. And I ask him directly: “And who are you? Are you Pop Bogomil? “” No, “he says frightened. Yes – he is Boyan and is nine, lives in the 21st century, and is not named by any relative, how could he be another?

We go to them and after home and dinner there must be a reward for so much bullying during the day. Anyway, they often write remarks about a disobedient behavior that his mother has no strength to sign. And I think of that game. Where is Bobby, Who am I? I ask him, he finds it and brings it to me, I open it … and what do I see ?! At the top is the map of Pop Bogomil! He asks me to take the rest and put them in two stacks – to all people and events before and after. He wants to sort the information in the head and imagine when Bogomil may have lived …

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