Time for Rila?

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It is already August, and many Bulgarians – from the country and scattered around the world, as well as foreigners, are heading specifically to one of the most sacred places on the planet – our Rila Mountain. I remember every time she gave me something – strengths, ideas, meaning to go on. Every time. That’s why I promised myself every summer or fall or at least once a year to go there. With the intention of verifying my direction – does it align with what I want to dominate in my life, do I deviate from my path and how to get back there. And whenever I come back to my city, not one, but many more than my friends exclaim, “What happened, you shine!” Either you “shine” or something like that I hear and know it is not due to me but to Rila. It is the mountain that can charge you, clarify a problem and heal you. And Rila is more than that – I have been thrown at me by thoughts that have a great impact later on. I’m sure it’s no accident. Of course, this can happen elsewhere – for another it may be Pirin, in the last month it happened to me in the Albanian Alps; and the real things in general. Outside the malls and all the urban hustle and bustle and bustle. Sometimes it may seem too isolated. And quiet. And lonely. But then the truth is heard. It is no accident that Tibetan boys are obliged to spend a long time in a monastery before they get married. It gives wisdom. Standing in silence, without wasting energy like chatter, e.g. So whenever you do, give yourself time – for your own sake. Because you deserve it. Be in the mountains! Make it difficult, even lonely, sick, boring or whatever is happening to you right now within you. But go through it. And go on. Again. Because life is stronger than anything. And it will continue anyway, with or without you.

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