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How to bring health and happiness in this gloomy season? You are probably wondering this, especially after the end of summer – our favorite holiday period of the year.

Of course there is a way! Each time hides its positives and if we are aware of not losing shape, we can maintain it by simple means. With them we will add the hormones we need to be healthy and balanced, even without expensive food supplements. Here are what they are:

We can get serotonin by swimming, running, walking in nature, even a short stay in the sun under the not so hot sun and, of course, cycling. It is a sense of self-importance. You understand how important it is, don’t you? Because in its low manifestations it is noticed as loneliness, depression or when we put ourselves in the wrong place in a company that is not suitable for us. When someone gets into trouble – it’s a cry to their loved ones for attention. Most antidepressants are based on this hormone. what can we do in this case to get out of this circle at a higher level? It’s simple: thank you – for whatever you have, you see, you receive. Gratitude increases the abundance in your life. Another “trick” is to remember old successes – this brings back the pleasant feeling and produces serotonin again. The brain does not distinguish between the past and the present, so this is a way to get it urgently.

What about endorphins? And here it is simple. Sports, laughter therapy and watching comedy movies deliver it quickly. Why do you think so many people love chocolate ?! Again because of him! But the trick is in the dark chocolate. Endorphins also charge us with telling jokes, guess why! That’s right, because of the reaction they provoke – laughter! Endorphins are released during pain and stress, then it helps to overcome them and deal with anxiety and depression. Regular exercise, which is good to have established as a habit every day, in addition to maintaining the youth and flexibility of our body, produces this hormone. So – never and nowhere do you take your sense of humor with you – it not only makes the point of view easier but also releases endorphins.

Oxytocin is obtained from pleasant moments in everyday life – as a game with a pet, e.g. or we hold the hand of a loved one. Also cuddling with him! Playing with a baby or toddler also charges us a lot with this hormone of happiness. And more: when we compliment someone, even if they are strangers. It also fills us with a smile and a dose of happiness.

Give yourself a massage! This is one of the pleasant things we can provide for ourselves, and it has so many advantages in our feeling that sometimes it takes a little to be happy. Oxytocin is released during the orgasm test. Also in childbirth and breastfeeding – in mothers, so it is important to create a sense of intimacy and trust and strengthen relationships. He is the reason why we are faithful to our partner.

The fourth hormone in the cocktail recipe for personal happiness is dopamine. We can also get it easily, even if we have to apply a little trick to ourselves – set small but achievable tasks for the day and you will see that at the end you will be super charged by the fact that you have done everything planned. Yes, achieving small victories brings us confidence and that we can successfully do everything we want! It’s dopamine … And what else? Well, the rest is easy – then celebrate your small victories, so you will increase the feeling of self-worth and success in life. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to pamper yourself with a delicious meal. Dopamine is the “engine” to set high goals and pursue their achievement – this is when it manifests itself in its high levels. It is in the lows when we are always postponing something to do or undertake, we hesitate, we are insecure … do you know?

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