Traveling through time

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And professions are not what they were! Personally, I regret that one of the most interesting trades of the past – a traveler is no longer there! It’s so exciting to find yourself in places that you are still familiar with, with people of different manners and traditions, for which the meeting with you is no less revelation, and this makes the exchange of information two-sided. But there are others to which not everyone knows. These “disappeared” professions will be said today. And they give information on the degree of development of society when they need it.
For example, today, under a “lecturer,” we have a certain idea, but at the time there was such a position in the factories, and this person had the task of balancing the workers by reading them out of newspapers or books. How he selected materials and topics – is a mystery. But we know that his pay came either from trade unions or was collected between the workers themselves.

The voices circled the streets and various public places to let people know what events are coming or the most important news. Today, the voters are on the net, so they are not in the streets.

The pre-press preparation of newspapers required hours of concentrated work of literate people who were staring in someone’s handwriting, and then ordered the letters in words and lines to prepare the print edition. This profession is called a speaker.
Very popular was the wake-up profession before the alarm clock was invented. In fact, until recently there was a Wake Up Service service in Bulgaria, but I have no idea if Bulgarian post offices still offer it. This tradition goes from Victorian England, where professionals equipped with special rods tap through the windows or doors of their clients to wake them up at a certain time to work.
Among the risky professions of the past are leech collectors because of their widespread use in medicine – they put blood on patients and so they thought they were solving a number of their problems! There were people, too – they grew them up and given doctors by collecting them from different animals. This was a serious “industry” in France and Germany in the mid-19th century, but b. the peak of the leeches was during the warm months, the livelihood of this profession was only seasonal.
Cutting ice is one of the professions that existed before the invention invented the refrigerator. How and where did they work? Well, on the frozen lakes, where they cut out household pieces, but no matter how careful they were, the risk to their lives was left! This invention is linked to another vanished profession – that of the dairy who personally spread and spilled in small amounts of fresh milk to each door!

Life has always been different, and the difficulty for elementary needs has accelerated the progress and creation of a number of machines that we are complaining about today that we are overwhelmed. But just imagine how people lived before the electricity was invented! Do you have any idea that street lighting was the answer to people who lit, extinguished and charged street lanterns.
Due to a lack of infrastructure and vehicles (which subsequently appeared) the wood would somehow have to come from the forest to the sawmills and the pulp mills. This was done by the help of the power of the water that the rivers flowed. The people who guided this process were wood pullers along the river. For Europe and North America, this was a major method for transporting wood.
Until recently, in our country, the popular 20th-century telephone operator position existed. But she also became a victim of progress! Today we are too spoiled in this respect, but not so far in the past and the connection itself was a problem and a source of stress!
Sweepers were searched but low paid. Because of the specifics of work in this branch, they trained mostly children from an early age, although it is a difficult and dangerous job for them.
Well, do you now understand how well and easy we live, and we still complain! For most of our day-to-day things, it’s already taken care of, and it’s relieved, and robots will soon replace us. Which of today’s new jobs will come out and how many new ones will emerge – we can hardly predict. But we have tickets for “the show” of the first rows and we can watch the process short.

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