The puzzle in Dobarsko

Dea/ April 6, 2020/ Journeys/ 0 comments

If you haven’t seen it, do it as soon as possible – the church in the Pirin village of Dobarsko will leave you thinking. It is located in western Bulgaria, 17 km from Bansko, in the direction of Greece. I wonder who are the great masters – old dulgers or those wall painters who painted all the scenes in the

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Dea/ March 29, 2020/ Journeys/ 0 comments

This is a tribe that lives on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s hard to get there. It will be even harder for you to leave! It’s like touching antiquity. But to drive in a row … Kafiristan. In the Horde language, this means “the land of unbelievers.” People call it Kalashi. It is a tribe that has crossed

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Have you ever been there?

Dea/ March 28, 2020/ paints/ 0 comments

A place where problems seem to be missing. Or at least the present anxiety. If until recently it would have been a dream vacation spot, an oasis away from the stressful day-to-day, nowadays this is the place where each of us wants to live. Not quarantined in an apartment in town without the opportunity to even go to the park!

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Dea/ March 17, 2020/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

Far Japan is as exotic as it is unfamiliar, despite today’s global world. Now we will remind you some facts of their culture and traditions that you may not know. And since today is Friday the 13th, two of them sound even more up-to-date, given the current world situation. This is regarded as absolutely uneducated.Automatic items have taken over their

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Is garbage the fuel of the future?

Dea/ March 2, 2020/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

And what are the implications of this for nature and us – with this question started the Sixth National Conference on Democracy in Varna, organized by the OCOSUR eco association and funded under the Norwegian Active Citizenship Program. What happens to the Italian garbage after it became clear that the freight traffic of the Port of Varna is mainly waste

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Plans for Sunday?

Dea/ February 27, 2020/ Journeys/ 0 comments

Hello friends! I’ve been a little lost lately, embroiled in other “more important” engagements, but here I am again. And immediately I make a suggestion to a friend of mine that I cannot participate in this time, but I recommend it if you are near our southern Black Sea coast. More specifically Primorsko. Andrei lives in Burgas, but together with

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The Canyon of the Chernelka River

Dea/ February 4, 2020/ Journeys/ 0 comments

The Unknown Bulgaria. I must call this a series of publications, because really how many places in our country do we know? And even to those of us we have too little knowledge. I think how quickly we got to the MOL culture and how scarce the natural nature around us became. And it is the one that restores us

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“Fateful Meeting”

Dea/ December 15, 2019/ paints/ 0 comments

I present to you my latest picture – “Fateful Meeting”. Oil on canvas, 40/30 cm., Price: 150 lv. My wish for you is to always have the courage to look into the eyes of everyone in your path with the audacity and honesty that this girl exudes. The eyes of a man who has nothing to hide or be ashamed

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New eco company in Varna

Dea/ November 6, 2019/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

To buy a book for BGN 1 and make a contribution to nature conservation – this is the proposal of the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (OCOSUR) in Varna with their new action: “Return the bottle – get your book!” increases as our consumption increases, and the points of purchase of raw materials have disappeared. Maybe it’s time

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Go to the mountain

Dea/ October 31, 2019/ paints/ 0 comments

Oil on foam cardboard, 20/30 cm., Price: 70 BGN Unframed Go to the mountain. The lonely house man is just thinking – over the things of the day, of life, also of direction. Is this one? Is this what you wanted? Sunset of the day – a time for reflection in solitude. In the silence of timelessness, where the beauty

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