Have you ever been there?

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A place where problems seem to be missing. Or at least the present anxiety. If until recently it would have been a dream vacation spot, an oasis away from the stressful day-to-day, nowadays this is the place where each of us wants to live. Not quarantined in an apartment in town without the opportunity to even go to the park! However beautiful it is, there are some tricks. To dine, e.g. you will have to work hard! Whether by boat and fishing line, otherwise, but certainly the supermarket is not near. Every thing has a price. Here, for example, you cannot live with anyone, but only with someone who, like you, shares your views on the world. Because, although with a large space around, the space is narrow. And if you’re not with the right person … Yes! that’s what I meant! Isolation today shows us clearly enough this problem. Right now, each of us is paying for the choices he made. And there is time to review them quickly … Where did these decisions come from? From the Soul or from the Ego? How to recognize them? Well, the Ego wants everything, it is not enough. There are claims and requirements. Competing. He wants to get ahead and is sometimes in violation because of it. Yes, on the roads. And the soul …, she is grateful. For many things. He appreciates the hard to see and wants as much as we need – a hug, two loving hands and a heart that will do everything for you. The other … is the details. Irrelevant. And they can be different, just like our moods and the colors of the same picture painted on different days – once bright, other times tamed. The hard thing is unconditional love. But it also has a price. Unlike dreams. They are free. And everything always starts from them. But then it comes to the price we have to pay for our dream. But do you know what matters most when we reach it? That on the way to it we have changed and are no longer those grumpy and eternally disgruntled people who want and clamor for more. Rebels in a narrow circle and gentle lambs among the crowd. No, we have changed. The challenges along the way have made us different – strong, resilient, inspired and in love with life. Because he always goes on, no matter who gives up on him. And if we choose him, we can only enjoy him. Because from this rock, the truth is visible in this place. And she’s in the whole picture! I wish you insight, as if you were there.

Oil on canvas, size: 30/30 cm. With framed,  Price: 150 BGN Can be delivered to you by courier. Write me!

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