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Hello friends! I dare to call you that because of the kind words with which you return my good wishes to you and because I feel close to you. Once you’re on this page, it’s hardly a coincidence, we’re probably on the same page! That is why I greet you and wish you success in each of your endeavors! We know that we need it now, when summer is over and autumn reminds us of all the serious tasks that were left behind in the pandemic and in the summer. It is time to think creatively and solve problems with a lot of love – first to ourselves, then to nature, with respect for each other. Have faith! In yourself, in the higher powers, in your friends, in God – whatever you call it. I present to you some of my new creations, I hope you like them:

“To have faith.”

Oil, 20/30 cm, still unframed. Price: BGN 30

Woman in national costume.

Oil, 20/30 cm., Price: BGN 30.

Sunrise, oil.

Size: 20/30 cm, unframed, price: BGN 30.

The loner from the mountain

Oil on foam board with dimensions 20/30 cm. Price: BGN 40.

The kiss

Oil, 20/30 cm., Price: BGN 40.

Penguins on a family walk

oil on canvas, size: 20/30 cm. Price: BGN 70.

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