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Hello friends of Dea’s Journey!

Today I will show you my new healing picture. It is painted with oil and measures 35/51 cm. It is part of the garden of a palace castle, where in the solitude of the quiet lake everyone can be transported to where his heart takes him. First we fall silent in this space and let the flow of timelessness grab us and take our thoughts away from the prosaic problems, where the soul longs to be. And to soar freely. See where your thoughts deviate in such moments and find out where and with whom you want to be. Because what is life? A brief moment against the background of eternity, but for the one living it it seems endless and sometimes difficult. In fact, it may not be so! But to make it easy, we need to follow the flow of our good ideas, to act when we are ready to give up or hesitate, but to “shorten” the duration of these moments. Because … I told you, didn’t I? Life is not endless. And we may regret that we missed opportunities to create our own happiness – in small doses, but regularly.

Price: BGN 50

If you like what I do and you want to support me, you can buy a picture of your choice or order a story as a gift to someone close to you. Or just leave a donation in my account so that this project of mine can continue to exist. I have decided at least here that the space is protected from unnecessary advertisements / and I find them annoying and turn off the sound or switch to another wave / channel /, so that my site is supported exclusively by DONATIONS.

Usually people who take my picture share interesting things – either that they saw it … in their dreams, or that they feel their effect as healing. And that makes me very happy! Because it resonates in me as the truth.

I often have no specific idea what exactly I will paint, I do it on inspiration and I give in to the momentary desire to recreate a plot. Even sometimes the end result is quite different from my original idea, but this is always in someone’s favor. And he then recognizes her and tells me why she attracted him, how it then affects him and helps him go through a certain stage of his life. I wish all of you to have an interesting journey through life, but with less turmoil and more joy. But sometimes, even often, to get to it, we go through our own pain. And when we release it, we make room there for something nice. Which we can invite to settle permanently in our lives.

With love: Dea

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