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Ginka Georgieva is a psychologist who works mostly in the problematic areas of partner relationships and intimacy and sex. Often combines Family Constellation, Gestalt Therapy, Expensive Art Therapy, Primary Trauma & nbsp; and dealing with sexual trauma. All this helps people who turn to her to end the unfinished relationships or situations that take away their energy and keep them alive in a meaningful way. In these delicate areas, women are more courageous, says the psychologist, and states that men are more disturbing, suspicious and verifiying before they trust. Often patients have the same fear – they are different from others. And this misunderstanding, convinced Ginka Georgieva comes as a norm imposed by the media for a successful and lucky person who shifts the focus from the right place.
For her meeting with Varna people I had forgotten, so I was too late … And the seminar for me started literally from the door! I was about to sit back, but she invited me kindly: “Come in!” and pointed a free space ahead of her on the first line. There were many women in the room (only women). But the lecture was so declared: “What limits female intimacy.” And as I walked to her seat, she went on: “The delays talk of a broken relationship with the father … that’s where the money comes from …” She definitely grabbed me with that and made her think. There may be something true. Almost always late. I know he’s not ok and makes a bad impression, I really do not do it on purpose. I just … I’m always struggling with time and all … I have to cure this.
Then there were also the myths that exist or are being planted in these areas. For example, people are wandering at extremes – from complexes to unreal self-esteem for their sexual abilities. And here is the other trap: the differences in the female and male body, the perceptions and the time to reach ecstasy. For men it takes 3-4 minutes for real, and for women they need at least half an hour! And if the “big bang” does not happen, it does not mean something is wrong with you. This does not happen equally and simultaneously. But many women imitate orgasms to be like others in movies … But life is different – these are many movies with different storylines.
Material life is a projection of what is inside us. The attitude towards men in women comes from the father’s model. If you do not respect your father, you can not create a loving relationship. The relationship with the mother is fundamental to man, literally for everything – health, success, attitude to life. Career and relationship with men, however, come from the father’s example. If you do not have a good relationship with him / her it usually comes from love for the mother – if she is miserable, the daughter repeats it /. Trauma and fear close people and they avoid the subject, they can not carry out normal relationships, they are ashamed to admit that they lack knowledge. Then comes the unrecognition that you did not do enough for the relationship. We talk to Ginka to talk again to tell me more about your work. I understand that most couples turn to her only when they are desperate and separated, and the conflicts are very sharp, feelings cool and difficult to reverse. The scandals are everyday. It takes a lot of work and is more painful for the couple. But she believes everything is fixable, just the challenges are bigger. In such cases, it is better to refer to a therapist earlier, but this is a very personal solution. The problem with unresolved situations is that they are transferred to the next link. And they start from the little stories and mischiefs in everyday life – how often to have sex, who it is done to, and who does not. Men often get angry by giving up sex. They feel underestimated and disrespected, unrecognized by the partner. The truth is that their partner does not do this, and they carry these children’s needs in themselves – to be seen and embraced, approved, encouraged. The partner only emphasizes this with his behavior. In fact, what we accuse the other is often our problem. No one is supposed to support us when you are 30-40 years old, “says Ginka. Then we are mature people and we should be doing ourselves, we are not children!
This evening at 8 o’clock Ginka Georgieva makes a free webinar, you can join it and ask your questions.

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