I love to travel

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I love to travel – no matter where!

Because I know that wherever I go, something interesting is waiting for me. Something unprecedented before. Something different. Different from everyday life, because the place, people and circumstances are different. Even I do different when I travel. Or more myself, but I like more – for sure! I also like the feeling that gives the thrill of the new experience. The most fun is when you take responsibility for the trip yourself, not someone else to organize it, and that always brings risks. Because if something is possible to go wrong, it is certainly confusing. And it forces you to make quick decisions and take action with an unclear end. Uncertainty and the wonderful ending. The game. With the weather, the mood, the circumstances, the luck – I love this Russian roulette! It’s exciting! And that’s why we actually live – to make us feel alive. And we get this feeling fuller when we are out of our comfort zone, that is, on the road! It’s not by accident that many people perceive travel as a healing process – that’s it!

P.S. – this inscription “found me” in London – that is, on the way

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