Monika Baltsi in Varna on 25.10.2018

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Disconnecting from the limiting patterns of thinking and behavior that we have absorbed in the collective unconscious; exemption from external interference (domination and manipulation).

Price: 44 BGN, enrollment – 0878 69 56 56 – Neli Galmadieva
The session will begin at 7.00 pm

An hour earlier – at 6.00 pm Monika Baltsi will deliver a lecture on the parasites in our lives, their influence during our evolutionary growth, ways of detoxification, meaning and culture of nutrition – new scientific facts about the problem.
The participation fee for the lecture – BGN 22, combined with the session – BGN 60 / lecture + session /.

The session is conducted by Monica Baltsi, a holistic healer from Italy, using the Initial Path Room (IPR) tool. It works at a quantum level: each of the glass cylinders has over 32,000 DNA codes integrated (see event banner). They are the ones that suck the energy toxins out of the chakras and interrupt the connection with unconscious models of autoaboutings.

Group work is very valuable due to the fact that the beneficial effect increases many times (the law of energy). And the personal benefits of the participants in the session positively affect the associated people – family, family tree, friends.

In the group session and the IPR tool, the main focus is the chakras and energy implants, which are the result of external domination and manipulation (energy attachment to Egregors – the so-called thought-forms that are fed by many people or so-called collectively unconscious). The tool interrupts connections with EEGs and clears blockages from all chakras.

The effect after the treatment session is:
– ease, liberation
– centering within yourself, inner balance
– rejuvenated, radiant skin
– total absence of anxiety and anxiety
– positive change in the worldview
– unreasonable joy
– Increased ability to accept and tolerance to the world around us
– kindness, softness

In the next three days, those wishing to sign up for an individual session at Monica, on 26, 27 and 28 October 2018.
The first individual session with Monica is always PMT (Pyramidal Memory Transmutation) – a pyramidal transmutation of memories. It is working on an individual level with man and his life’s karma. Then you can try some other sessions according to your individual needs, with Monika Baltsi’s latest in the treatment of a specific topic.

Monica Baltsi has over 13 years of experience in energy quantum treatment

The tools they work with are the technology created by the French scientist naturopath Jéal Decathion, through which DNA “sucks” heavy memories and blockages, unnecessary negativity, emotional traumas and karmic nodes (from this and past lives), as a result of which cell memory is cleared. There are interruptions of alien influence and manipulation.

Details of the method and creator can be found on the official website of Joel Decathion:

More about Monica Baltsi can be found here in a previous publication.

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