New Year’s Intentions

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The end of each calendar year is the occasion for a review and betting of intentions for the next route. Radananda / with whom you already know from previous publications / offers a two-day seminar / between Christmas and New Year holidays / in the middle of Bulgaria in a wonderful complex with a mineral pool near a strong Thracian sanctuary. There, he will mainly receive messages from the Thracians in personal answers to your questions.

Thracian Rite “12 Wishes”

When: 28-29.12. 2018

Where: Aqua thermal complex in Krasnovski mineral baths near Starosel village

Recording until December 15, 2018

Participation – after fasting without meat and alcohol and after individual prayer.

The secret knowledge of the Thracians was recently passed on to Radananda in the Sanctuary “Garvanov kamak” near the village of Starosel, which is arranged and designed to meet certain states of the soul’s consciousness and desires. Now you can also get personal guidance by riding the puzzle of your life, and if you have any questions, then you will be answered in direct mailing. After the winter solstice is a good time to expand the worldview and to get blessings, ways to accomplish life, mission and secret desires.

The Thracians believe that the soul of man is unconditionally connected with the Cosmos, and all their sanctuaries and tombs show the connection with nature and the path to the immortality of the soul.


double room in Aqua thermal baths- 72 BGN, apartment – 88 BGN / incl. breakfast and spa area /

BGN 50 is the fee for a person to participate in the event. Phone number: 0898/367749.

Place to collect the group – 12.00 hours in the village of Trud, Plovdiv, pizza station “Station”. From Plovdiv direction is to Hisarya. In the village of Trud from the first traffic lights turn right. After 400 m there is a pizza restaurant with a parking lot, which we are waiting for from 12 to 12.30. Then we go to the sanctuary “Garvanov kamak”.

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