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How does food help us to grow? The recommendations were given by the creator of the White Brotherhood, Peter Deunov. According to him, we can use the healing properties of different products and spices if we mean what they have the most influence on our organism.

For example, the parsley says it treats pains and ailments in the stomach. About pumpkin – a product that is still seasonal now claims it calms the nervous system if we feel stressed for some reason. Kidney says it helps cooked ripe beans – a typical Bulgarian dish. Lemon as a strong grounding fruit gives a sense of strength, energy and helps us to act. Nettle retains the pigment in the hair and prevents aging and blushing. / That’s what Vanga said. The apple he recommends the ladies hot because it keeps the beauty. I remember a phrase from childhood that an apple is eating in the morning for health and evening – for beauty!
According to Dunov, the watermelon helps with nostalgia, mood loss and lack of activity. To eat peas for even skin tanning, he advises, adding that if we lack confidence, it is good to focus on aubergines. If we need to have more understanding, to develop patience and tact, then we need mostly melon. There is no better stimulant than the figs for the immune system!
Stomach irritations can be calmed down with peaches, and apricots are the first helper in liver disease and anemia. Beets (especially sugar) help the eyesight. to stimulate the brain we need to consume more nuts. To help us focus rice helps us. Cherries improve blood circulation, a great stimulant to lose weight and improve mood. But do not overdo them because they have a relaxing effect on the stomach! Tomatoes affect the blood well, and the potatoes give us the sense of satisfaction we need every day!
Well, this is the food bible according to the brightest man, ahead of his time. He has left us the tools for a healthy body, which we must take care of in parallel with the spirit because they are connected. What we do is usually our responsibility, so we bear the consequences of our thoughts, actions and inactions. Bright day!

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