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Radananda accepts advice from the angelic world that helps us to live on Earth. This summer, he began to accept the directions of the Thracian priests provoked by their activated “gateways” like Begliktash,

Here are some of them.

For Diet and Health:

If something is good for the earth, it is also good for my body – the first rule of health and well-being. My diet is strict and meets the goals in my life, and they are high. So – when these two things are in harmony, we can get a lot of energy. For example, instead of an unhealthy breakfast – I take fruit or slices of tahana and honey. Check this worked for you or you need another.

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The principle of perception: “Feelings are five doors of reality or five worlds of ignorance” This means that when the mind is pure, then feelings are a tool for exploring the divine reality. And when emotions prevail in the mind and blurred consciousness, false reality and distorted perception are created. ”

The principle of the sentence: “Proceed as you!” Everyone was screaming verdict of destiny and when we do works, led only by the mind, we create our own heavier karma. And we can create higher knowledge and good karma.

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