Treatment of time lines

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Petar Petrov is a psychologist from Sofia, known mainly for making regressions in the last decade. I wrote for him, you can see. However, he cures also with other methods that are not so popular, but I think no less interesting – like the treatment of time lines, It also uses it in individual sessions with self-sufficiency – alone or in combination with other techniques. Treatment of time lines was studied at Sal Rackley.
What is the method?
“We are back in childhood or in a certain case of the past, but we are only observers, we do not experience it again, we just look at what is actually happening – the man imagines that he enters a body of light that moves “At that point, the purpose is not to change the experience of the human being, but only to take the lessons of it, without transforming it, eg: If a child as a child has experienced violence, he observes this, for example, the father enters the room, the child watches TV, then follows aggressive behavior, here the therapist does not interfere with to such as: the father comes in, turns off the TV and goes out … According to Sal Raquelli, the souls have chosen these roles and have agreed on them, and this is the experience they want to experience in this rebirth. in the experience, because it has a certain purpose – to acquire certain qualities, as well as the other soul-participant in the event, and the violent person needs to live it for other reasons, and it is explained to the injured soul that from the universal point of view the negative emotions she has experienced, that is and accumulate experience. And delineating the borders more clearly afterwards and declaring yourself more explicit. It happens what this person needs to do in his life to be happier than what is at this moment. “

After such a session, Peter says, people change their attitude towards the person they have had a problem with. They change their attitude. And yes – it does not happen at all. Sometimes the emotions are so strong they do not allow us to see the positive. And it is that everything we go through is a choice of soul. So pure karmic is not good to interfere with a change in what happened. Usually, we approach problems very egocentrically – how important I am to my drama … And in fact, every situation, whatever it takes, it gives us. And our focus is on what we get. Because we always get something. The problem of people tramping in traumas from the past is that they focus on what has been taken away. And it happens for a certain purpose, much higher than hurting us!

Changing the viewpoint is a big step towards transformation. If each of us focuses on what the difficult situations in life give us, the world will change a lot! In this, Petar Petrov believes and with his conviction goes on his way. He has already chosen to focus on short and focused therapies to make it as useful as possible to people. And life gives him confirmations that he is doing his mission!

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