Treatment with sounds

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Since ancient times, vibrations have been known to be a way of healing – the shamanic drum, for example, is one of the methods of improving health or expanding consciousness in different traditions. By releasing negative emotions such as doubt, distrust and fear, we open up space to develop new talents.
There are currently a number of available practices that can help you unleash the potential – such as gong sessions, Tibetan cups and others. They are set to a certain frequency and it cure certain problems. Example:
396 hertz is the frequency of transformation of sadness into joy and replaced feelings of guilt and fear with positive emotions
417 Herz cleans traumatic experiences, facilitates change
432 hertz is in a strong synergy with nature, heals
528 hertz resonates with the frequency of the Earth, regenerates DNA and brings miracles
638 hertzows the communication, the tolerance and the love
741 Herz – Cleans the toxins from the cells
852 hertz awakens intuition
However, vibrations also have a negative impact:
440 hertz eg. is a frequency that is contrary to human health, is not naturally occurring in nature and is likely to harm.
So, if something irritates you, do not force yourself to listen to it, even if it convinces you that it is good, it may not be good for you right now.
If you want to make positive changes to your life without the need for extra money, you can act on your own – there are clips on the web that affect the subconscious masked behind natural sounds. They replace our old convictions with new ones in various problematic areas of our lives such as finances, personal connections, health, emotions. Have a look at them – they are really many uploaded to YouTube by Maria Stefanova. But also read her directions carefully. I wish you healing!

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